Jill Hendrickson, USA

My mindfulness coaching session with Liselotte Ellegard was fantastic! She totally helped me move out of the overwhelm I was feeling this week around getting everything done in my business and to just get present instead of spinning in my head.
I was feeling stressed because I've had a very busy week and have been scrambling to get my things done. Liselotte broke things down so that I could focus just on what really needs to get done this week. Once I saw that I began to feel more calm.
She also had some very good ideas about how I can be promoting what I do and lining up sessions even without the website being done. She reminded me of how to connect, especially when I feel I don't have time, is actually the most effective thing to do and saves the most time and keeps me from going into overwhelm. Not that I don't know this, but I tend to forget it when I'm stressed! Thank you so much for a wonderful session, Liselotte!

Jill Hendrickson, Business owner, US

SÅDAN bliver du
og MINDRE stresset

Med under 12 minutters
mindfulness om dagen.
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