Margaret De Bethlen, LondonI often have trouble connecting with my real feelings about issues that matter to me, and this can be very confusing and disturbing for me.  I found myself pondering on one of these issues, which Liselotte helped me with.
Before Liselotte mindfully talked me through I felt like it would be very problematic to get to the bottom of what I really felt and therefore how to move forwards, so I thought that perhaps there was no solution - yet I couldn't let the matter go in my mind. Liselotte helped me to move through layers of confusion to the heart of the matter quickly and easily.
She has great sensitivity, which enables her to empathise very deeply.  However she is also strong enough to persevere through any blocks.  She also is extremely honest and has a great sense of humour.  When you work with Liselotte it is obvious that she is 100% committed to your wellbeing.
Liselotte is someone who walks her talk.  There is probably nothing that she teaches or recommends to others that she has not implemented in her own life.  Also she is a great lover of both people and freedom and therefore truly loves to empower others.  This means that she is easy to trust and high ethics come naturally to her.
I would really recommend Liselotte to anybody, I feel that whoever has the possibility to work with her is very fortunate.

Margaret de Bethlen, Hospital Assistance, London

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