Jutta Dobler, Tyskland

Working with Liselotte was tremendously helpful!
I contacted her because I was spinning in my business. My business was expanding and instead of enjoying that, I went into overwhelm and felt stressed instead of productive.
Through working with Liselotte, I got out of spinning mode and into a feeling of connectedness and trust. Now I feel so much more clear and peaceful.
Liselotte helped me with concrete steps to take in my marketing. She also gave me invaluable feedback on the way I conduct sales conversations.
Because of our work together, I now actually enjoy doing sales calls, not something I would have ever thought possible!
After coaching with Liselotte, I feel much better equipped to deal with the day-to-day challenges in my business in a calm and connected way, and I can recommend working with her to everybody who has too much on their plates.
Liselotte's approach is practical and real, and at the same time she is able to take her clients really deep and make them feel safe. She is fearless as well as competent!

Jutta Dobler, Entrepreneur, Germany

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